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On Five , there is a lot of dreaming, quite a few notions of California, a pinch of misogyny, and many a mofo, as well as a decided lean toward the group’s Hip-Hop stylings. (Which explains a lot of the aforementioned!) If you can accept them at (masked) face value, the truth is, they are often superbly catchy; blending a motley array of sounds flawlessly to create something that is wholly Hollywood Undead. In a time when few acts can truly claim to be original, Hollywood Undead lead the cattle charge of bizarre blends that somehow work beautifully. Kudos to the masked mayhem! CrypticRock give Hollywood Undead’s Five 4 of 5 stars.

Not democrats. Just idiots and they come in republicans and democrats. We need to do away with both parties and hope we can all work together instead of blaming one party.

" Shooting Star " was also released as a single for the album and was referred to as part 2 to the Fallen Angel single from Open Up And...Say Ahh .

The video explained how Hollywood actors are controlled: their sexual hazing is recorded on video and used to manage their future behavior so it’s in line with Hollywood elite interests. When actors go off the rails, or refuse to submit to the demands of their bosses, “rumors” are leaked that destroy their reputation and acting jobs are withheld from them.

Turnbull reminds me of Hitler in the dying days of the war, banking on his wunderwaffe to turn the tide at the last minute.

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